You can buy a ticket much cheaper if you know a few simple secrets. And the saved money will be useful to us during the trip. Read and...

Travel Guide

You can buy a ticket much cheaper if you know a few simple secrets. And the saved money will be useful to us during the trip. Read and remember :))

Buy in advance

It is generally accepted that the closer to the departure date, the more expensive the flight. However, if you purchase tickets too early, then the price may not be the best, since then sales may appear. It is optimal to search for tickets in the interval 2-8 months before departure.

Weekdays or weekends?

Regular flights usually cost more on weekends than on weekdays. It is believed that the most successful days to buy are Tuesday and Thursday. And there is also a secret here - sometimes the price of air tickets can be reduced by waiting for the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The fact is that airfare is tied to the IATA rate.

Short walk

If you have the time, and all flights to the city where you plan to get are very expensive, it makes sense to look for other airports located nearby and get from there to your destination by land.

Be flexible

Often a ticket a few days earlier or later than the date that you have determined for yourself can be much cheaper.

Traveling out of season

At the peak of the tourist season, tickets are usually more expensive (in Europe and Russia it is July and August) than immediately after it or directly in front of it

Seasonal Sales

Some airlines arrange regular large-scale sales. Often they are held after the peak of vacations - in the fall or, for example, after the New Year holidays.


Very often, when entering a new route, the airline makes significant discounts on the first flights.

Holiday Gift

Event discounts are most often confined to some dates or events. For example, with AirBerlin and Air Caraibes for Valentine's Day, a ticket when buying on February 14th for a second passenger was free.

Correct search

If you search for tickets through metasearch engines, then their price will be less than if you look directly for the same airline tickets from agents. The largest search engines: tripadvisor, skys—Āanner, momondo.

Low cost airlines

Sometimes you can use the services of low-cost airlines - airlines, which are based on the principle of economy. Here, the ticket price is reduced due to the rejection of a number of familiar passenger services (they can be ordered additionally). This is especially true for flights within Europe, which, by the way, can be only one euro. For Europe, it’s good to remember at least these four airlines: Ryanair, Easyjet, WizzAir, Norwegian.

Miles and bonuses

Each airline tries to keep its passenger, and waiting for it comes up with various loyalty programs that encourage the passenger to fly only with them. As a rule, the essence of such programs comes down to the fact that each flight gives you a certain amount of miles. Having accumulated enough of them, you can fly by miles for free or with substantial discounts.