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Delicious breakfasts

Of course, modern breakfasts in many countries look like coffee, coffee again, a sandwich or a sweet bun. However, if you get the chance to try a traditional breakfast - agree without hesitation!

1. Hello sweet tooth! The Swedish breakfast often includes a pancake known as Pannkakor. For complete beauty served with jam.

2. Breakfast in Cambodia - Kuy Teav - rice soup with noodles, meat and vegetables

3. For breakfast, the Frenchman usually has tea or coffee, juice, hot chocolate and muffin, a lot of muffin - “eat these soft French rolls”.

4. In Lebanon, it is customary to have Manakish breakfast - tortillas with spices, cheese and tomatoes.

5. Japanese breakfast is of two types: Wafuu (traditional) or Youfuu (western). The first usually includes rice, fish, miso soup, beans and seaweed. Second: toast, eggs, coffee and potato salad.

6. In Brazil, they prefer "cheese bread" for breakfast - you’ll just lick your fingers!

7. In Poland, a frying pan is “baked” in the morning - a traditional omelet with sausage is prepared there

8. A breakfast common in southern India includes idli and sambar, vegetable stew with lentils and rice bread. Many also have breakfast dosa, crispy pancakes with spicy potato filling.

9. Philippine breakfast includes rice with dried meat and scrambled eggs or sausages longganisa. And often a lot of local fruits.

10. Turkish breakfast consists of omelet, cheese, olives, honey, jam, bread and fruit.

11. The basis of a nutritious breakfast in Venezuela is arepa, thick corn tortillas stuffed with vegetables, ham, chicken or fish.

12. Nihari - this is the name of a typical breakfast in Pakistan. This is a spicy meat served with naan cakes.

13. A popular breakfast in Israel is called Shakshuka - eggs "drowned" in tomato sauce.

14. Typical Italian breakfast - a lot of coffee with milk and fresh bread. What else is needed for happiness?

15. Famous American breakfast - homemade pancakes with blueberry syrup with the addition of several slices of bacon.