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Iranian Kish Island

The Iranian island of Kish in the Persian Gulf is one of the most unusual resorts in the world. Vacationers here bathe and sunbathe, as in a bath. I mean, not because it's hot, but because it's separate. Women are on the women's beach behind a tall concrete fence, and their husbands, you guessed it, on the men's, barely covered with miserable vegetation.

There are, of course, joint beaches here, so to speak, unisex beaches. But there the ladies bathe in ... hmm ... I would call it a light summer coat over which a scarf is put on. And it is very correct! Iran is in a seismic zone.

How correctly noticed one of the local religious leaders! Women who frivolously put on tight-fitting or open clothes, with their appearance, cause indecent desires in men, provoking extramarital affairs and thereby increasing the frequency of earthquakes! But Kish is in all probability the only place in Iran where men are allowed to wear shorts, which, on the contrary, does not affect the tectonic activity of the earth's mantle. And I personally understand her, this mantle.

The appearance of the lower part of the male limb, as well as the upper one, does not cause any activity in me either. Although, according to common sense, I am ready to admit the existence of a diametrically opposite point of view on this subject.

Measures aimed at seismic stability of Iranian society, of course, are not limited to this. For example, shopkeepers are instructed not to display plastic copies of female organisms without a headscarf - a hijab - in shop windows. There is also a catalog of recommended hairstyles that should be worn under a hijab ... I made a courageous decision to abandon the idea to investigate: do Iranian beauties follow these recommendations?
Many people remember the sad story of a frivolous tourist from Germany who saw the sky in a cage after allowing himself an outrageous trick: he hugged his Iranian girlfriend who met him at the airport named after Imam Khomeini.

My Iranian friends say that all this is the horrors and fears of bygone days. Yesterday I myself just watched Tehran women of fashion dressed in a light hijab style sipping their ideologically alien Coca-Cola in a restaurant in Divani, a suburb of Tehran, gently hugging their companions, and they reciprocated.
Allah is a witness: the earthly firmament did not open.